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Rose Hill

The town of Magnolia is situated in Duplin County at the intersections of US Hwy 117 and NC Hwy 903 with other smaller roads leading into the town. Magnolia has two entrances from I-40, one three miles north on US Hwy 117 and the other two miles east on NC Hwy 11/NC Hwy 903/NC Hwy 24.

The population of Magnolia is approximately 956 people with about 25% Hispanic, 35% black and 40% white. The town is governed by a mayor and five-member commission. The town office number is (910) 289-3205 and e-mail address is magnolia@duplinnet.com.

Magnolia has municipal water and sewage treatment systems, both of which are in the process of being upgraded. The Public Works Department makes all water and sewer hookups. Electricity is provided to Magnolia citizens by Progress Energy Corporation (formerly Carolina Power and Light Company) and by Four County EMC in the suburbs and in the rural areas. LP gas is locally owned and operated. Garbage pickup is provided by Onslow Container Services door to door and is transported to the Duplin County Landfill. The town Public Works Department also picks up leaves and limbs house to house.

The Police Department is staffed by two well trained policemen and Magnolia has emergency-aid agreements with Rose Hill, Kenansville and the Duplin County Sheriff's Department all of which are less than seven miles away.

The Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. provides firefighting services to the town and surrounding areas and has emergency aid agreements with surrounding towns. The MVFD has a very enviable response time of slightly over two minutes. The Magnolia Emergency Medical Services provides emergency medical services to the people of the town and surrounding areas and has emergency aid agreements with neighboring towns.

There are about a dozen churches and religious organization in the town of Magnolia.

The town library is a branch of the Duplin County Library System and is serviced regularly.

Magnolia offers cable and satellite television available in addition to regular commercial TV and also have very good AM and FM radio reception.

The Duplin County Airport for private flights is about 15 miles. Commercial air is available at Wilmington, Jacksonville and Fayetteville, all approximately 50 miles away. Rail and truck service is locally available.

Magnolia is also proud of its recreation activities. The town auditorium seats 500 people and the town gymnasium is used almost daily. The softball field and tennis courts are available for general use. Hunting and fishing are good locally, since there is an abundance of wildlife and fish. Coastal fishing is only 50 miles away. High school sports are very popular throughout the county and surrounding counties as well. College sports, likewise, have large audiences. Anyone can find numerous persons with which to agree or disagree on any sports subject.

Magnolia, in Duplin County, is primarily agriculture and farm related business enterprises. Duplin County and Sampson County, the neighbor to the west, together produce enough food to feed 47,000,000 people and or 1/6 of the US population. Duplin County produces a tremendous amount of fiber as well.

Town Hall Mailing Address: P. O. Box 459, Magnolia NC 28453
Phone: (910) 289-3205
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.