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Duplin County had tentatively coordinated a second mass drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine clinic to be held on Friday; however, the event has been postponed. Limited weekly allocation of COVID vaccine from the State has hindered our ability to host a large scale vaccination event at this time. We continue to plan future vaccine clinics in Duplin County. We will release information about each clinic 5-7 days before the event, based on the weekly vaccine allocation from the State.
We understand that many residents are anxious to receive a vaccine, and we are eager to give vaccines to those who are waiting. We ask for everyone’s cooperation and patience as we work to distribute our allocations of the vaccine as quickly as possible. As of today, the Duplin County Health Department has administered 1,300 first doses and 80 second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. We have second doses available within the appropriate timeframe for those who have received the first dose.
Vaccines will be administered based on the current active groups designated by the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Information on the vaccine plan and current active group are available at https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/vaccines.

Your best shot at stopping COVID-19. You have a spot, take your shot.

Click the link below to download the NCDHHS Rollout Plan.


Click the link below to access the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services COVID19 Dashboard


Duplin County Health Department and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) are launching new initiatives to expand COVID-19 testing and contact tracing across the state and help Duplin County families protect themselves and their neighbors. Testing and tracing are core public health measures and key components of North Carolina’s strategy to responsibly ease restrictions while continuing to slow the spread of the virus.

People in Duplin County can now access new online tools to determine if they should consider being tested for COVID-19 and find a nearby testing place. The tool will also help individuals monitor their symptoms if they have tested positive for or been exposed to COVID-19. In addition, NCDHHS launched a new platform to integrate contact tracing efforts across the state. Duplin County Health Department will transition over the next several weeks to use this specific software program for ongoing contact tracing work.

“There are a number of testing sites located within Duplin County so if you feel that you should be tested, then call your primary care provider or visit the new online tool to identify a local testing site,” said Tracey Simmons-Kornegay, Duplin County Health Director.

“These new COVID-19 testing tools and resources help North Carolinians have the support and information they need to take care of themselves and their loved ones,” said NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen, M.D. “When more people get tested, and we all work alongside the COVID-19 Community Team to do our part with contact tracing, we can protect our loved ones and slow the spread of the virus.”

New Online Tools to Increase Access to Testing
Having more than tripled the amount of testing completed just a month ago, North Carolina continues to ramp up testing. The new online tools are intended to help people know if they may need a test, how to get a test, and monitor their own symptoms if advised to do so by a contact tracer. These tools include:

     Check My Symptoms (www.ncdhhs.gov/symptoms), a public website that allows people to enter their symptoms to determine if they should      consider getting tested for COVID-19. If a test is recommended, they will receive a link to a list of nearby testing sites via email or text.

     Find My Testing Place (www.ncdhhs.gov/TestingPlace), a public website that allows people to enter their county or ZIP code and access a list of nearby testing site locations online.

     COVID-19 Community Team Outreach (CCTO) Tool, a password-protected online software that helps people track their own symptoms if they have been advised to do so by the COVID-19 Community Team. It is also a platform that helps streamline and integrate contact tracing work across the state.

Expanded Contact Tracing Through The COVID-19 Community Team
Through contact tracing, the COVID-19 Community Team reaches out to people who may have recently come into close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 and connects them with the information and support needed to protect themselves and their loved ones.
It is important that people answer the call when the Community Team reaches out. Individuals being
contacted will get an initial text from the number 45394 or email from NC-ARIAS-NoReply@dhhs.nc.gov
with follow-up phone calls from Duplin County Health Department at 910-296-2130 or from NC
OUTREACH (844-628-7223). The Community Team will never ask for anyone’s Social Security Number,
bank or credit card numbers, or any other financial information at any time. Any information shared
during the call is a private health record and is strictly confidential.

Continued Prevention Measures
All North Carolinians should continue practicing their 3 Ws when they leave home: Wear. Wait. Wash.
      Wear a cloth face covering if you will be with other people.
      Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.
      Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.

“If we all do our part, we can protect our family and neighbors and get back to enjoying things
like family gatherings, pastimes, and community events outside of our homes,” said NCDHHS Secretary
Mandy Cohen, M.D. “By working together, we will slow the spread of this virus.”
For more information on testing and contact tracing, please call Duplin County Health Department at
910-296-2130 ext 8160.

NCDHHS has provided the following:
      Frequently Asked Questions about Testing (covid19.ncdhhs.gov/Testing)
     Frequently Asked Questions about Contact Tracing (covid19.ncdhhs.gov/ContactTracing)
     Latest information on COVID-19, visit nc.gov/covid19

For more data and information about North Carolina’s testing strategy, visit the COVID-19 North
Carolina Dashboard: https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard.

Pay County Taxes On-Line 

The Tax Department is responsible for obtaining, developing, analyzing, and maintaining records necessary for the appraisal, assessment, billing, collection, and listing of taxes associated with real and personal property within the jurisdiction of the County and municipalities according to the state of North Carolina General Statutes. The Tax Department is required to provide information and research as well as maintain records for the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

General Services:
The Tax Department has three functional offices made up of Assessing, Collections, and Land Records.

The Assessing Office is responsible for assessing all real property located in Duplin County. A state-mandated revaluation of all real property is conducted at least once every eight years, the Board of Commissioners voted in 2017 to perform a county wide revaluation every 4 years. Each year, building permits are reviewed for new construction and additions to existing structures. The appraisal staff assists property owners and the public with questions about value. They are also responsible for processing applications for Land Use Value. The next county-wide reappraisal will again be conducted by state certified appraisers and is effective January 1, 2022.

The Assessing Office is also responsible for the proper listing and discovery of all personal property, business personal property, and motor vehicles located in or taxable by Duplin County. The Assessing Office is responsible for assigning the fair market value (retail) of such property for tax billing purposes. Assessing employees can assist you with questions regarding ownership, situs, description and value of personal property. Along with property listing and assessing, the Assessing Office processes applications for the Senior Citizen/Disability/Veterans exclusion as outlined in the North Carolina General Statute; conducts audits of all personal and business personal property accounts; and maintains the mailing addresses as submitted by the taxpayers or by the Department of Motor Vehicles for all personal property, business personal property and motor vehicle accounts.

The Collections Office is responsible for the collection of all property taxes levied by Duplin County. They are also responsible for all forced collection measures on all delinquent accounts including but not limited to garnishment of wages, attachment of grower payments, attachment of bank accounts, attachment of North Carolina State Income Tax refunds and foreclosure of property. They issue moving permits for mobile homes.

We now collect town taxes for the following: Calypso, Greenevers, Kenansville, Magnolia, Rose Hill, Wallace and Warsaw.

The Land Records section of the Tax Department is responsible for maintaining the Duplin County property base map and real property ownership data. The property base map was built using the 2006 digital ortho-photography of Duplin County. Cadastral information includes property boundaries, road names, right-of-ways, acreages, lot dimensions, district boundaries and ownership information. We operate a Geographic Information System (GIS) using ESRI’s “ARCMap” version 10.8 software. The identification of property locations is available through our Online Mapping Services.

Tax Forms

Application for Property Tax Relief
Certification of Disability
Certification for Disabled Veteran
2022 Request for Extension
Private Hauler Form (Certificate of Service)
Present-Use Value Application (Land Use)

Real Property Valuation Information

For questions regarding real property valuation, new construction, sales verification’s or revaluation email the appraisal staff at taxreval@duplincountync.com

Appeal Form for Real Property
Improvement Listing Form
Sales Questionnaire
Real Property Damage Assessment

Personal Property Value Information

For questions regarding personal property please email the staff at personalpropertytax@duplincountync.com or call 910-296-2110.

Appeal form Personal Property
Personal Property Listing Form
Personal Property Damage Assessment

Related information:

Real and Personal property value billed by the Tax Office for 2020 was 4,126,547,605 and Registered Motor Vehicle value billed for 2020 by NCVTS was 498,163,049.

As of January 2020, there were 39,199 nonexempt parcels within Duplin County.

The last revaluation was effective January 1, 2017 and the next revaluation will be effective January 1, 2023.  This revaluation was pushed out to 2023 because of Hurricane Florence, the malware attack on the county computer systems and restrictions due to COVID.

Yearly Tax Rates

Pay County Taxes On-Line 

Tax Foreclosure Sale/Surplus Property Sale

See listing below for County currently owned property for sale.

  1. List of County Owned Foreclosed Property
  2. Offer to Purchase County Owned Property

Please deliver in person the completed Bid Form and Bid Deposit to:

Duplin County Tax Office
118 Beasley Street
Kenansville, NC

If you have any questions, please call Joan Barnette at 910-372-9352.

Click here for Tax Foreclosure Sale properties.