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GRADE:56                                       BASE SALARY/ HOURLY: $31,626.26/ $15.2049   

OPEN: FEBRUARY 29, 2024                           CLOSING DATE  “OPEN UNTIL FILLED”


Under general supervision, the purpose of this position is to collect taxes, list and transfer property for tax purposes, and to assist taxpayers and the general public with questions and inquiries concerning information kept on record in the Tax Office. Considerable tact and courtesy must be exercised in dealing with the public on tax related issues. Work is performed under general and direct supervision; however, the employee is often assigned to work independently on a specific tax function under limited supervision.


Essential Job Functions

The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.


Collect taxes on motor vehicles and property, balancing cash drawers daily. Collects delinquent taxes using forced collection procedures (garnishment of wages, attachment of bank accounts, attachment of rents and contract payments, levying of property and foreclosure of real property).

Maintains accurate tax records on collection, delinquencies, vehicles, business personal property, and real property taxes.

Negotiate payment arrangements with delinquent taxpayers.
Issue mobile home moving permits.

Performs 10 year tax search of parcels being transferred to verify no delinquent taxes that constitute a lien on the parcel are due.

Correct information regarding motor vehicles such as change of situs of vehicle and military issues. Uses DMV online access to inquire about specific problems and removed blocks.

Assists with moving pre-payments.

Receives and distributes mail; opens and closes vault.


Attends to the general public and answers questions in person and by telephone, furnishing information regarding departmental operations and answers questions on programs, procedures and regulations; responds to complaints and irate taxpayers.

Maintains and keeps current and accurate roster of taxpayers qualifying and receiving the Elderly/Disabled/Veterans Homestead Exemption.

Maintains current and accurate roster of taxpayers qualifying for the Solid Waste Private Hauler discount.

Assists with performing 10 year tax search to identify past ownership of property.

Adds and balances the tax books; files new tax cards; prints tax cards.

Assists with Business/Personal listings and such.


Answers questions in person and by telephone regarding value of real property.

Organizes and prepares information, property cards and maps for appraiser to preform field work.

Coordinates and schedules the appointments with appraisers for appeal hearings.

Enters appraiser’s data changes into computer system.

Maintains monthly building permits and prepares them for appraiser field review.

Assists with obtaining information regarding the “Sales Ratio Study”.

Assist with vehicle value appeals from the public.


Serves as backup in all areas when required.
Performs other related work as required.


High school diploma or GED; supplemented by vocational/technical training in bookkeeping or secretarial science; supplemented by one (1) to two (2) years previous experience and/or training involving tax listing, collection and records maintenance; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.


All employees should possess a valid North Carolina driver’s license.

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The Tax Department is responsible for obtaining, developing, analyzing, and maintaining records necessary for the appraisal, assessment, billing, collection, and listing of taxes associated with real and personal property within the jurisdiction of the County and municipalities according to the state of North Carolina General Statutes. The Tax Department is required to provide information and research as well as maintain records for the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

General Services:
The Tax Department has three functional offices made up of Assessing, Collections, and Land Records.

The Assessing Office is responsible for assessing all real property located in Duplin County. A state-mandated revaluation of all real property is conducted at least once every eight years, the Board of Commissioners voted in 2017 to perform a county wide revaluation every 4 years. Each year, building permits are reviewed for new construction and additions to existing structures. The appraisal staff assists property owners and the public with questions about value. They are also responsible for processing applications for Land Use Value. The next county-wide reappraisal will again be conducted by state certified appraisers and is scheduled to be effective January 1, 2024.

The Assessing Office is also responsible for the proper listing and discovery of all personal property, business personal property, and motor vehicles located in or taxable by Duplin County. The Assessing Office is responsible for assigning the fair market value (retail) of such property for tax billing purposes. Assessing employees can assist you with questions regarding ownership, situs, description and value of personal property. Along with property listing and assessing, the Assessing Office processes applications for the Senior Citizen/Disability/Veterans exclusion as outlined in the North Carolina General Statute; conducts audits of all personal and business personal property accounts; and maintains the mailing addresses as submitted by the taxpayers or by the Department of Motor Vehicles for all personal property, business personal property and motor vehicle accounts.

The Collections Office is responsible for the collection of all property taxes levied by Duplin County. They are also responsible for all forced collection measures on all delinquent accounts including but not limited to garnishment of wages, attachment of grower payments, attachment of bank accounts, attachment of North Carolina State Income Tax refunds and foreclosure of property. They issue moving permits for mobile homes.

We now collect town taxes for the following: Calypso, Greenevers, Kenansville, Magnolia, Rose Hill, Teachey, Wallace and Warsaw.

The Land Records section of the Tax Department is responsible for maintaining the Duplin County property base map and real property ownership data. The property base map was built using the 2006 digital ortho-photography of Duplin County. Cadastral information includes property boundaries, road names, right-of-ways, acreages, lot dimensions, district boundaries and ownership information. We operate a Geographic Information System (GIS) using ESRI’s “ARCMap” version 10.8 software. The identification of property locations is available through our Online Mapping Services.

Tax Forms
Application for Property Tax Exemption
Application for Property Tax Relief
Certification of Disability
Certification for Disabled Veteran
2024 Request for Extension
Private Hauler Form (Certificate of Service)
Present-Use Value Application (Land Use)
Appeal form Real Property
Real Property Improvement Form
Appeal form Personal Property
Personal Property Damage Assessment

Real and Personal Property Information

These forms may be submitted by email to taxoffice@duplincountync.com or mailed to the tax office at the address on the forms.

Related information:

Real and Personal property value billed by the Tax Office for 2023 was 4,251,832,305.

As of January 2023, there were 40,238 nonexempt parcels in Duplin County.

The last revaluation was effective January 1, 2017 and the next revaluation is scheduled to be effective January 1, 2025.

Yearly Tax Rates

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Tax Foreclosure Sale/Surplus Property Sale

See listing below for County currently owned property for sale.

  1. List of County Owned Foreclosed Property
  2. Offer to Purchase County Owned Property

Please deliver in person the completed Bid Form and Bid Deposit to:

Duplin County Tax Office
118 Beasley Street
Kenansville, NC

If you have any questions, please call Joan Barnette at 910-372-9352.

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