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Eat Smart, Move More...North Carolina

The focus of the Health Promotion Program is to work with community partners in creating policy changes and environmental supports addressing at least one of the three major chronic disease risk factors physical inactivity, poor diet and tobacco use.

Poor diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use are behaviors contributing to the leading preventable causes of death in North Carolina and are known risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Efforts to address health behavior change in individuals or populations must include environmental changes to address these behaviors.

The N.C. Statewide Health Promotion Program operates in all 100 North Carolina counties through 85 local health departments organized by county or regional district.

Statewide, Health Promotion Program initiatives include:

•  Encouraging restaurants to provide more healthful food selections and to identify heart-healthy choices.

•  Advocating for more nutritious food selections and to increase physical activity opportunities for all students in public schools.

•  Encouraging the implementation of smoke free policies at worksites.

These initiatives are promoted in Duplin County as well in addition to:

•  Advocating for the implementation of smoke free policies at schools and restaurants in Duplin County .

•  Increasing physical activity opportunities for all community members.

The Health Promotion Program actively promotes the Winner's Circle Healthy Dining Program. The Winner's Circle Healthy Dining Program is a national healthy dining initiative designed to create and promote healthy eating environments. This is accomplished through item labeling and promotions at a variety of eating out venues (restaurants, schools, cafeterias, etc.) that offer healthy alternatives. Winner's Circle healthy alternatives are identified and promoted based on widely accepted nutritional criteria that encourage foods with nutrients that promote optimal health and prevent chronic diseases, i.e., fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and calcium rich foods.

For more information about the Health Promotion Program call (910) 296-2130