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Public Notice – Proposed Lease of Land at Duplin County Airport

Public Notice
Proposed Lease of Land
January 2, 2020
County of Duplin, NC

The County of Duplin is considering leasing land at the Duplin County Airport near Kenansville,
North Carolina for establishing and production of Coastal Bermuda Hay.
The properties to be leased are referred to as the RPZ’s (Runway Protection Zones) on each end of the
Duplin County Airport runway. The properties consist of approximately 85 acres (33 acre and 52 acre
tracts respectively) adjacent to Bowdens Road and Best Road, Kenansville, NC.
Prospective bidders should submit sealed bids to George Futrelle, Duplin County Airport Director, by
mail, or in person, at 260 Airport Road, Kenansville, NC 28349, by 12:00 noon on January 31, 2020.
Prospective bidders must submit a bid for both locations. Bids should be submitted as a proposed
amount per acre. For example; 85 acres @ $ price per acre = total lease amount per year. The County
reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted.
It is anticipated that a lease agreement will be negotiated with the highest (per acre) responsive bidder
for an initial term of five years with an optional renewal term of five additional years. Renewal for the
second five year term to begin in January 2025 will be considered if the successful tenant maintains the
property in an acceptable manner.
The tenant will be responsible for conducting all soil tests and amending the soils as necessary. The
hay must be “sprigged” and not seeded. Due to Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, the use of
chicken or turkey litter, animal waste sludge, or other animal by-products used for enhancing crop
growth is prohibited due to the potential of creating a bird attractant within the runway protection
zones. The established hay crop should be sprayed as necessary to limit the growth of weeds and the
hay should not exceed a height of three feet between harvesting.

For information on the bidding process, to view maps of, or tour the properties, or to obtain additional
information, please contact:

George Futrelle
Duplin County Airport Director
Kenansville, NC 28349
910-296-2188 office phone
910-296-7244 cell phone

Published in January 2, 2020 issue of The Duplin Times
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