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Duplin County has a strong agriculture heritage and a promising future. Today, Duplin’s agriculture industries range from the family farm to corporate headquarters of ag-related businesses. Drawing from the rich, natural resources and mild climate, local farmers grow crops ranging from asparagus to zucchini. Duplin County recognizes emerging opportunities and many citizens are meeting the ever-changing demands of the industry with new crops as well as services.

Duplin County recently ranked second in North Carolina in Livestock and Poultry Total Receipts while also ranking in the Top 10 in Crop Receipts. Pigs and Poultry are Duplin’s two most important agricultural commodities.

To learn more about Duplin County’s Agriculture, visit Duplin County Cooperative Extension Service’s website at the following link: Duplin County Cooperative Extension

Recent NCDA and N. C. State University Statistics show

  • Duplin County ranked 2nd in Corn for grain, producing 4,820,000 bushels
  • Duplin County ranked #1 in Turkey Production/Processing and in the Top 10 in Broilers
  • Duplin County ranked in the Top 10 in production of Tobacco, Sweet Potatoes, and Wheat