Duplin County NC

Bid Opportunities

The Duplin County Board of Commissioners is seeking proposals for stream debris removal on Grove and Buck Skin Creeks in Duplin County, North Carolina. Stream debris removal shall consist of removing and disposition of trees, logs, stumps, snags, shrubs, brush, aquatic weeds and other obstructions from the flow area of the natural or excavated channel.

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The Duplin County Water Department is seeking bids from qualified individuals to provide mowing services at various County owned facility sites.  The sites include; entrance to West Park Business & Tech; less than half acre, entrance to West Park Industrial; plus/minus half acre, South Park- South Park Dr., 28 wells, tanks, booster pump station sites and 3 lift station sites; approximately one (1) acre each, located throughout the County. The work will involve mowing and trimming all grass on the site including around ditch banks, building, fences, utilities, and other structures.

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The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council having studied the needs of juveniles in the county hereby publishes this Request for Proposals.

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Duplin County is considering leasing land at its West Park Industrial Center near Warsaw, NC, for farming purposes for the 2022 calendar year. The lease runs from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

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ACH Authorization Form for Vendors