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E-911 Communications


Duplin County Communications is comprised of two departments, E-911 Addressing and 911 Communications Dispatching.
The E-911 Communications Dispatching Department is responsible for handling incoming 911 calls and dispatching the appropriate emergency responders.  Duplin County E-911 Addressing Department maintains the county database of physical addresses assigned to residential and business locations.

General Services:

Duplin County Communications dispatches calls and events for Duplin Law Enforcement agencies, EMS Responders, County First Responders, and all County and Town Fire Departments.

The E-911 Addressing Department is responsible for supplying residents and businesses with a physical E-911 address. The main purpose of this address is to provide an emergency responder with a more detailed address for quicker response times, in the event of an emergency. E-911 Addressing is not responsible for errors in online mapping systems such as Google Maps or MapQuest. If your address is not in the correct location on an online mapping website, please contact the website about making a correction.

The E-911 Addressing Department also works with county volunteer fire and rescue departments, as well as Emergency Services, to place every household into an Emergency Service Number district. The Emergency Service Number district that is assigned to each address will detail the primary fire, rescue, and law enforcement responder that should respond to that address. The E-911 Addressing Department relays this information to the appropriate telephone carrier in that district. This information allows the telephone company to display the caller’s name, address, telephone number, and primary responder that should be sent to the caller when a 911 call is placed.


The E-911 Addressing Department is responsible for assigning addresses and maintaining county road name signs. The department puts up new signs when a new road meets county standards and is approved by the E-911 Addressing Department. The department also maintains road signs after they have been put in place, in the event that the sign needs to be repaired or replaced.

Address Request Application
Requirements for Address
Road Sign Maintenance Request Form

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Chris Vernon

Chris Vernon

Communications Officer

E-911 Addressing: 910-296-2169

Physical & Mailing Address:
 209 Seminary St.
Kenansville, NC 28349

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Business Hours:
M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Dial 9-1-1 to report an emergency.