Duplin County NC

Other Services

Centennial Program

Older adults (90 years of age and better) qualify for this elite group. Once a participant becomes 100 years of age, members of the centennial program are recognized and honored with special presentations.

Family Caregiver Support Program – Vouchers

The program provides respite for adult caregivers in their home. Respite care is limited to unpaid caregivers who are caring for older individuals that require constant supervision. In addition, the care recipients may have memory impairment, physical immobility, or other problems that render them unsafe alone.

Housing Home Improvement

This program helps with minor home repairs. Primarily wheelchair ramps are the most frequent request received. Volunteers is utilized to build and complete ramp projects.

Information & Referral

Older adults is provided with the services available at the senior center. Agency staff make referrals as needed to appropriate agencies.

In Home Aide Level I Service

The In Home Aide Level I service is available for older adults who require general housekeeping assistance in their home. In Home Aides, provide limited housekeeping duties for eligible older adults.

Legal Service

In cooperation with Legal Aid of North Carolina, the agency refers older adults to the senior legal help line. An agency representative coordinates legal clinics to serve seniors with completing the legal documents.


Agency staff are available to conduct outreach visits in the community to inform older adults of services available.

Telephone Reassurance

This service is provided by the agency with the assistance of the local police department. Older adults that request to be placed in this program, call the local police department or the agency each morning, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon. If the older adult does not check in, a follow up call is made by the police department, agency staff person, or concerned relative or neighbor.

Transportation Service

The agency coordinates with the Duplin County Public Transportation department to approve eligible older adults for transportation from their home to the congregate nutrition sites and or special events hosted by the agency.


Volunteers serve in various capacities with the agency. Opportunities to volunteers are available at the senior center, congregate nutrition sites, homebound meal program, housing home improvement program, as well as serving on committees. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the agency and speak with a staff member at 910-296-2140.